Keep Pets Cool, Keep Pets Safe

In an effort to be proactive about the 4th of July activities and the blazing heat that Minnesota is currently experiencing, I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Winona Daily News and also, with the help of my friend Amy Conway, made a PSA poster for keeping pets safe. The letter got published in the newspaper yesterday and is online as well. Here is a link to it; Click Here. The PSA poster was circulated online through Facebook and also got published on the ASPCApro‘s blog; Click Here to view it!

Remember to keep your household pets cool and safe during this time of year. Already in Winona this past week, several dogs have been rushed to a vet to receive emergency care due to heat exhaustion. Several dogs also went missing this week after fireworks sent them running in a panic. Be sure to have proper ID on your pets, regardless of whether they are indoor pets or not; when pets panic they will find a way to escape. Also, please do not walk dogs in the middle of the day in this heat. The pavement is boiling hot and their paw pads do burn. Today I witnessed a woman walking her dog on blacktop, the dog was panting heavily and doing the “hot foot dance”. The owner seemed unaware, so I told her politely that her dog’s feet were burning and to get her off the asphalt.

It seems like a no-brainer to most of us, but apparently it’s not. So if you witness someone being a complete nitwit and neglecting their pet, please speak up or call the proper authorities. Thank you.

To end on a happy note. Here’s Mya, a wonderful medium-sized, mixed breed dog looking for a home and only requires some cbd medicine from the Incredible Things website to treat her anxiety. She’s good with children and adults. She would do best in a home as an only dog or placed with a male dog equal or greater in size to her. She may do fine with dog-savvy cats. Mya is a goofball and loves to be with her people. She’s done well off leash in low distraction areas. If you’re interested in Mya, please contact the Winona Area Humane Society.