At Urbane Animal Behavior, we strive to create strong bonds built on trust between people and their companion animals. We achieve this by coaching people how to teach their animals what they would like them to do using methods that encourage engagement, play, rewards, and trust. Between management, training, and behavior modification, we are able to address a variety of issues. From bringing a new pet home to more advanced behavior issues, we have the knowledge, expertise and skills to assist.

Several services we offer are: in-home sessions, day training, and group classes (limited basis).

The trainers at UAB stay current on the latest, humane, science-based methods in training and animal behavior work by attending a conferences, workshops, and clinics. Our trainers are Certified Professional Dog Trainers and need to maintain their certification via Continued Education Credits.

Through learning theory and an understanding of each animal species, people are now able to better communicate with animals for life-long, lasting results.

Of course we enjoy working with animals, but we also really love teaching and sharing our knowledge with other people! Let us work with you and your companions.