Private Consults

Private consultations are one-on-one training & behavior sessions with a person or family and their companion animals.  Sessions take place at the family’s residence, Urbane’s training space, or a public location. Online and phone consultations are available, and are a great option for many people.

Taking a class isn’t always the best option for people or their pets.  If a dog is showing arousal towards other dogs or people, having that dog in a class setting won’t be productive. Or maybe you own another species besides a dog, that’s in need of training or behavior modification.  These are great examples for when a private consult would be appropriate.  During the initial meeting, a history form will be taken of the pet and from there, a lesson plan or training guide can be built to you and your pet’s needs.

Sessions usually last 60-90 minutes.  Initial sessions range between $125-150, depending on the animal and requirements. Mileage fees do apply on visits outside of Winona, MN. Follow-up sessions range between $75-95. Payment is due at the time of the session.