Group Classes

Occasionally UAB offers group classes for dog training.  We hope to bring on more trainers and offer a variety of different classes.

Puppy Kindergarten: available for puppies between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks old.  Puppies must have their first set of vaccinations at least one week prior to the start date of class and stay current on vaccinations through the course.  Each course meets weekly for five to six weeks and each session is 45-60 minutes in length.  During the course, people learn how to read their puppy’s body language, and learn about giving their puppies choice. We empower puppies and build their confidence, while at the same time give them structure and guidelines. We teach people how to teach their puppies basic cues like: Sit, Down, Come, Stay, and Touch (hand targeting). People also learn how to appropriately deal with puppy issues like chewing, jumping and barking.  The methods used in class are non-force based and encourage puppies to be thinking puppies in a positive manner.  Each week puppies are introduced to new sights, sounds, textures and smells to help them develop into well-rounded dogs.  We also teach puppies how to appropriately greet other puppies in class.

Basic Manners Class: Available for dogs that are 5 months of age and older.  This is a 5-6 week course, meeting once weekly for 45-60 minutes. This class focuses on teaching dogs foundation behaviors through non-forced based methods.  Dog are encouraged to think outside the box and earn rewards for doing so.  We use shaping and luring, and rewards to get desired behaviors.  Dogs learn to listen under distractions and through it all, build a better bond with their people.  People learn how to handle their dogs in a positive way and develop a relationship with their dogs based on trust rather than fear.


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