An unexpected foster puppy

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and start my own blog. This blog will detail some of happenings in my life as I share it with my own companion animals, client’s companions and friends & family.

On Friday, I brought home a foster puppy. She is very tiny, only two pounds, and is around five weeks of age. Someone found her on the side of a back country road in Iowa with no other animals or houses within sight. The name given to her at the humane society is Bindi, but I’ve just been calling her “puppy” and “little one”. It’s been an adventure thus far with her. The other animals in the house have adjusted to her presence quickly. The most comical relationship that’s formed has been between, Steve, our new addition to the family, the ten pound Siamese and the puppy. Steve follows the puppy around and often engages in play with her. He’s very gentle with her and if the puppy gets to be to much for him, he simply gets up and walks away.
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