Fundraiser for MN Pit Stop

Come join us for an evening of worldly affair and to support our friendly canines. Proceeds support MN Pit Stop, a local rescue group dedicated to educating the public about the “bully” breeds, helping dogs in need and providing people support for their dogs through training, behavior work and medical care.

Guest Post:
to support Pit Bulls and MN Pit Stop a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about this sweet breed! Affordable Art ~
most priced under $50!
scarves, clothing, home décor,
prayer flags, zen banners, baskets, jewels, and more!
All unique, original, beautiful!

GIFTS with HEART for those your love!

SUTRA global by design is owned by Kim Hammer of La Crosse & Dakota, MN. Kim travels the globe to bring ethically sourced Asian beauty to your home! SUTRA purchases directly from artisans and fair trade organizations in India and Bali, and supports grass roots organizations locally via home-based fundraisers!

Interested in traveling to India this winter? Contact Kim now!

SUTRA is proud to support MN PIt Stop, who provides education to the public about pit bull type dogs, specifically the American Pit Bull terrier (APBT). They also provide advice and training for Pit Bull owners.

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SUTRA accepts VISA/MC/American Express/checks/cash

Welcome to the new website

The Urbane Animal, Winona’s favorite pet boutique, has closed its doors. It was a sad day for all of us. However, Aditi has carried on the Urbane name with her own animal training business, Urbane Animal Behavior. Explore the website to learn more!