There’s a new rose in town

After a bit of a hiatus from fostering, MN Pit Stop has taken a new foster dog into the program. Meet Lacy, an 11 month old American Pit Bull Terrier. She is very sweet, spunky and fairly well-mannered for a young thing! If not exercised and left to her own devices, she may do some wood work or decide that every toy must be de-stuffed! Overall she’s been a pleasure to foster. She is dog social and very playful with others. She elicits play from other dogs by play-bowing, wiggling around ¬†and flopping herself on the ground in front of her target playmate. She is cohabiting nicely with our three cats as well. Lacy is very food motivated, quick to learn and willing to please. We’re unsure of her history, but she can be hesitant in new situations and sometimes a bit fearful of strangers. But her reaction is to become a “pancake” dog and hit the deck. She is not reactive towards things that scare her, rather she shuts down. With patience and reinforcements, she is learning to be more confidant. We have high hopes for this girl, she is such a doll!

Current Stats on Lacy:

  • Breed: APBT, Female (Spayed)
  • Age: ~11 months old
  • Coat Color: Black with white on chest and tips of toes
  • Current Sociability: Dog Social, good with dog-savvy cats, No Children or 15+ years old
  • Training: Understands the basics, crate trained, house trained, car rider savvy

To inquire about Lacy, please contact MN Pit Stop.

An unexpected foster puppy

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and start my own blog. This blog will detail some of happenings in my life as I share it with my own companion animals, client’s companions and friends & family.

On Friday, I brought home a foster puppy. She is very tiny, only two pounds, and is around five weeks of age. Someone found her on the side of a back country road in Iowa with no other animals or houses within sight. The name given to her at the humane society is Bindi, but I’ve just been calling her “puppy” and “little one”. It’s been an adventure thus far with her. The other animals in the house have adjusted to her presence quickly. The most comical relationship that’s formed has been between, Steve, our new addition to the family, the ten pound Siamese and the puppy. Steve follows the puppy around and often engages in play with her. He’s very gentle with her and if the puppy gets to be to much for him, he simply gets up and walks away.
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